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I'm a native Atlantan traveling a little bit of everywhere. Food, drink, travel, life -all things that should be enjoyed and experienced! Click on "Other Projects" to learn more about what I do when I'm not reviewing.

A Little Update

So, those of you who have been with me for a while know that I've played around with a lot of different things while trying to get my feet under me. When I first started PKM, I popped in the tagline you see up top: Food, Drink, Travel, Life!  I have been back and forth so much that I haven't had a chance to really sit down and think about what that means to me. A recent trip to Augusta with a friend I haven't seen in a while gave me a chance to talk out loud to someone who knows a little about blogging, travel, and business -- it was a real treat! (Her site is 72 Hours to Go and is full of awesome travel tips! Jump over there... it's OK, I'll wait!) After that talk, I was a little more clear about what I want to accomplish here:

  1. Travel & Experiences on a Budget - Obviously, I am self-employed, and my husband earns enough for us to not quite be paycheck to paycheck. We LOVE traveling, trying new restaurants, and seeing everything there is to see, but that can put a dent in the ol' bank account. I will endeavor to include prices wherever I can, talk about value for money, and talk about the best deals anywhere we happen to visit.
  2. Planning Tips & Tricks - I can probably sum up every discussion on this by telling you to be flexible, but taking your time to really plan a trip can also save you a lot of money! If you don't have the time, I'll be putting together a service to provide itineraries with recommendations on how to travel where you're going, where to stay & how to get around, and tips on avoiding the tourist trap areas where prices tend to be higher. I'll have set itineraries that you can purchase and tailor yourself (usually based on my own travels), or you can work with me to create a custom itinerary for your trip! I'm working on an Atlanta itinerary as a freebie, so look for that in the next week and a half!
  3. Building Trust - One of the things that annoys me most when researching travel is that so many sites have sponsored reviews. I will eventually need to live off of more than the few bucks that may come my way from loyal readers, but I want to build my voice first so that you trust what I'm telling you. That's why you see the support future work here link at the end of every post -- I gotta pay the bills one way or another!
  4. Concise Reviews + Storytelling - I am a storyteller. I always have been, and I always will be! But, I understand that that can be time consuming. So, I'll be breaking down highlights at the top of each post, then telling the story and posting pictures below. You can read both, skim, or just read one or the other!
  5. Feature More Food, Drink, Life - One of our goals in house is being as self-sustaining as possible, and that's one way we fund our travel goals. I put up a recipe last summer for Fig Preserves that got good response, and since I'm working on a Tiny Cookbook (for people who live in small spaces for one reason or another), I'll be posting some home-made recipes for you! Also documented will be the [slow] transformation of our house as we decorate try for a vintage look without the vintage price tag. The focus of the blog will remain on travel, but I've gotta do something to break it up now and then! Plus, we don't travel 24/7/365 AND I have two other businesses to run...

So, that's it. That's my big announcement! Thanks for tuning in and supporting me in my endeavors -- I really love writing for y'all and I hope that I can really grow this in to something! As brick and mortar travel agencies fall out of service, I hope to be your go-to online agent for your travel needs. Send me your requests and questions, let me know where you're traveling, and keep on reading!

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