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OBECRT - Heading Home

The Quick & Dirty

The Highlights: A drive down part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, learning after the fact that there's a National Radio Quiet Zone on your way out, and all of the beautiful, quiet landscape, and adding a new micro-brew to my list.


The Lowlights: The beautiful, quiet landscape. It makes it seem a LOT longer... Discovering that Freedom Fries are still a thing listed on menus.

How We Got There: Driving, same as Portland.

Where We Stayed: We broke up the drive again and stayed at Americas Best Value Inn Harrisburg overnight. Reasonably priced, fairly comfortable, just what you expect from a cheap layover hotel. I'd consider the chain again for another overnight on-the-way stay.

My Thoughts: I wish that we'd had the energy to look around Harrisburg, I hear it really is a lovely town and our hotel was right across the street from the Susquehanna River. It's also near to Hershey, which of course has Hershey's Chocolate Park! I don't know that I'd make a trip specifically to Harrisburg, but if I'm in PA again, I'd consider going back to visit for the day!

The Not So Quick & Dirty

Honestly, there isn't much more to say about Harrisburg, so you're going to get the conclusions about our trip overall.

While flying is quicker and more straightforward, we have started doing a lot of our travel by car. We have a very unique country -- my friends from other countries can't conceive of spending days at a time driving across your country! I've had a lot of fun quizzing them to see who knows what cruise control is because many of them aren't from somewhere you even need cruise control. One of the things we love about travel is the opportunity to meet new people, see the way that others live, and learn about new areas. If you're sitting on a plane, that's not as easily done.

We saw the Quantico base (my first time on a military base), we were inspired to go back to DC, I got to drive across the George Washington Bridge and see some of the iconic New York buildings and drove through Brooklyn. Outside of Boston, we encountered some of the scariest political attitudes I've ever come across and understood the fear that some people live with day in and day out. In Harrisburg, we discovered people still hold a 12 year old opposition against the French. But, I also found a new microbrew that I liked a lot -- and I do love a good local brew! We saw the mountains, the farms, and were able to compare the capital of Pennsylvania to the capital of Georgia.

I will treasure this trip, not just because it reunited us with friends that we enjoy thoroughly, but because it gave us the opportunity to get a taste of life outside of our bubble. Not an national bubble, but a regional one. Even when I travel down to Panama City Beach, it's still my Southeastern Region. Up through the Carolinas and most of Virginia, still my Region. I went to college in my region (as did Peachy Keen Husband), I've always lived in my region (Husband has had the opportunity to live down here and in the Midwestern Region), and any chance I get to scoot out is a chance that I should take.

We're hoping in the next couple of years to work on a really big road trip, one down Route 66 to see the road that used to be the heart of the States' tourism and travel. A friend has recently taken that same trip and his pictures were so wonderful. If we want to drive the whole thing from Chicago to LA, we would go from a subtropical climate in Atlanta, to a Chicago (a swamp in the middle of plains), to the bluffs of Missouri, tornado alley in Oklahoma, skirting a Hopi reservation and the Painted Desert North of Flagstaff, hopping up to Las Vegas (because that's a heck of a detour!), over to LA. Can you imagine the people we could meet, the things we could see, across this amazing continent? I hope you'll stick with me until I can see everything I can and share it all with you.

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OBECRT - Portland!